JIC Food Source, Inc. a full service poultry brokerage, prides itself on providing a "balanced" service to the poultry industry. While working with most of the major suppliers, the company has come to the realization that an intermediatary that pays an almost obsessive attention to detail in making sure that the customer as well as the supplier are equally satisfied in every transaction is a necessity. Although, the old adage that "the customer is always right" still remains true, the sales force of JIC realizes that the supplier as well as the end user of their products are both customers.

JIC handles a full line of fresh as well as frozen poultry products and works closely with several further processors and distributors to insure their current as well as future, needs are met in a timely and efficient manner. Each member of the JIC sales force handles each transaction with an emphasis placed on quality specifications, timeliness of delivery, and a profound amount of communications during the transactions to make sure that all parties are abrest if any difficulty may arise. After all, "communication is the THE key to success." At JIC each salesman is responsible for the transportation of the order from the supplier's dock to the receiver's and has a standing mandate to keep all parties involved aware of the current status of each load. At JIC we realize that our success is always judged by the last transaction completed.


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